Mijhanae Griffin’s Bio


Hello, my name is Mijahanae Griffin and I’m 22 years of age. I Like to sing and write music, some people see me as a person who is very ongoing, very motivated, and like helping others.

A Bit About Griffin

I’m also a student at Malcolm X College and I’m going for my GED. I scored a high 495 to take medical classes. My main goal is to finish my GED program and finish my first year of basic nursing training.

My favorite hobby is helping others in their time of need. I like to help others because it’s in my spirit to be there for others when no one is. I was a CNA for 5 years since I was 18. That job made me realize that I rather help others and take care of others when they can’t do for themself. I don’t see myself really doing anything else.

Treat Those As I Want to Be Treated

Some people asked me how can I still help others when no one is there for me. The answer to that question is that I don’t look for anyone to give back. I am a person who believes in blessings and that God got me. That’s why I also do good by others and myself.  It’s why I like to help others because it’s something that was never given to me and I wanna be the person who helps the best way I can possible.

I’m a very loving person I can get along with anyone and their personality. No matter what I will help in the best way possible. I’m a problem solver, not a problem maker. I gain nothing by making things worse but I gain a lot by helping and I will try my best at what I can do for others no matter the cost.

Written By Mijahanae Griffin


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