Milwaukee Police Shoot Innocent Man Next to Suspect

milwaukee police
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milwaukee police

Near 26th and Auer, a 41-year-old man within “proximity” to a suspect was shot and wounded by a Milwaukee police officer.

Around 1:13 a.m, a vehicle speed past officers at a high speed down 27th and Townsend. The vehicle in question was driven by what was later identified as a 22-year-old man. In pursuit, the officers tried to conduct a traffic stop, in which the vehicle refused to pull over. The police were led on a chase for some time until the suspect put the car in reverse, hitting one of the pursuing officers’ squad car.

The officer in the struck car did not sustain any injuries as the suspect continued to flee from the police. The remaining officer continued the pursuit, following the suspect as he fled from his car into a residence near 26th and Auer.

As the officer chased the suspect toward the building, he fired one shot at the suspect in response to what he thought was the man reaching for a weapon. Instead of the bullet hitting its target, the 41-year-old Milwaukee man, who happened to be standing near the suspect as he fled, was struck.

Expected to survive, the man was taken to the hospital immediately. However, police officials are looking into whether the man was involved with the suspect.

The man who fled was taken into police custody at the scene of the shooting while the officer who discharged his firearm is now on administrative duty per standard Milwaukee Police Operating Procedure.

The investigation taking place is labeled by Milwaukee Police as an “active and ongoing investigation.”

Written by Brielle R. Buford


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