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News School

St Agatha’s News School provide students and interns with a learning environment that is beneficial for both present and future use for the aspiring print journalist. What’s more, The News School exposes writers to marketing and promotional strategies that get their content discovered.   business world.

During the first few weeks of class this author learned the importance of journalism. exactly what is it and how to perfect an article. Learning these skills allowed me to open my eyes to something I did not know I enjoyed or could obtain. Journalism is an important skill to have, because it allows you to think outside the box and give your opinion. I think journalism can help someone have a wider perspective on any topic.

After learning how to perfect an article, it is important to choose an image that relates to the article. We also learned how to import pictures into the articles. We used a website called Flickr learn about this topic. Flickr is a website that people use to upload their personal pictures they have taken and are willing to allow others to use them. When using Flickr, you have to remember to include the artist in the credits for their work. Flickr is nice because it has just about any and every topic that you would like to include in your article, in picture format.

Etymology was another really big subject that was studied at The News School. Learning etymology was a very interesting subject. It was used as an everyday study. Making the subject an everyday study helped with making sure that those words where absolutely remembered to one’s ability. Learning new words and meanings can first feel overwhelming to a person until it becomes a daily task to say the words and their meaning.  Word etymology is the study of the history of words, their origins, and how their form and meaning have changed over time. For example, “logy” in etymology means “the study of a certain subject.” Learning word etymologies helps readers break down words while being able to understand the entire word better. Having this skill can help when writing, working, communicating with someone, or even business matters.

After learning the importance of journalism, Flickr, and etymology, we learned how to incorporate each skill into the social media world. Incorporating these skills into the real world or work world is very important when it comes to business and marketing. These are the skills that will help a project or business be successful. When creating a product for a client, whether it is a logo or a flyer, these are effective skills  for advertising.

When advertising a service or product, it is important that everything is updated and eye-catching to a reader. That is why it is important to be a successful reader and writer because you need to be able to include specific keywords on flyers and in articles. Flickr would fit into the importance the creative side and an open mind.

Communication skills are another big skill set to have because you have to be able to please your client, as well as the target audience.

Each and every skill that was taught at The News School served a good purpose for everything we learned for the present and the future. The experience was amazing and very helpful.

l  will continue to work on the new skills I have gained and hope to start to gain income from my skills.

Written by Shawnisha Lewis


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