Nawaz Sharif Replaced as Pakistani Prime Minister


On Tuesday, August 1, 2017, a former petroleum minister, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, an ally of the ejected leader, Nawaz Sharif, was chosen by Pakistani lawmakers to temporarily replace him. This took place after Sharif’s resignation as Pakistan’s prime minister because he was found guilty of corruption just five days ago.

Abbasi was nominated as an interim leader by Sharif until his brother, Shahbaz, is eligible for the position, which is estimated to take two months. The election of Abbasi as prime minister was decided for the nation’s stability, while Abbasi confirmed his intentions to continue Sharif’s policies. His election as Pakistan’s eighteenth premier succeeded with a total of 221 votes achieved in the house out of 342.

Since the supreme court’s disqualification of Sharif for his dishonesty and the decision to have corruption charges filed against him and his children. The idea of Sharif being replaced by his brother sparked anger in opposition leader Imran Khan’s supporters.

Khan was the one who started and kept going on with street protests until the supreme court took notice and carried out the corruption case against Sharif. There have also been reports of Sharif’s family being called a “monarchy” by Khan, accusing them of trying to turn the country into their own personal domain.

Sharif did not receive a legal trial when the supreme court disqualified him. Instead, the verdict was based on the findings from a six-member investigative team, with two that had tensions directed towards Sharif’s administration and his foreign policy towards India.

Although Shahbaz would need to resign from his position as Chief Minister of Punjab and win the election in order to be entered into the National Assembly, which is not a guarantee. In his assumed succession, he will serve as prime minister until the next generation.

Meanwhile, Abbasi has heavily disagreed with the ones that deemed the former leader of causing corruption, along with criticizing the supreme court’s decision to disqualify Sharif, calling it an “unprecedented decision.”

Abbasi stated, “Justice demands that 1,000 guilty are set free than one innocent is convicted,” along with promising “Whether I am in power for 45 days or 45 hours, I will work as the prime minister of the country and will not merely hold the post.”

“Aides say he is likely to favor a new personal style of government, while probably continuing his brother’s focus on huge infrastructure projects and policies favoring business,” according to Reuters.

From the effort to build liquefied natural gas and reducing ongoing energy shortages, Abbasi also claimed, “it has attracted foreign companies, who now see Pakistan as one of the world’s fastest-growing markets.”

Written by Brielle R. Buford
Edited by Leigh Haugh

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