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Negative Ions Ease COVID-Related Depression

Negative Ions

The COVID-19 pandemic has a lot of people feeling depressed. Many have sought ways to alleviate these sad feelings. One way a person can do this is to increase negative ions in their lives.

Negative ions are a natural way to alleviate symptoms of depression. Researchers have released numerous studies claiming these ions can help with depression.

For at least 100 years scientists have been studying the effect that negative ions have on the human body. Their studies show that negative ions can help digestive issues, anxiety, and the oxygenation of human tissue.

Studies also show these ions can boost a person’s metabolism helping them lose weight. It is also been said that they can increase other bodily functions and cognitive performance.

A study on negative ionization in an intensive care unit’s air filtration system indicates these ions can kill viruses and mold. For many years negative ions have been believed to boost a person’s immune system. There are some people who feel these ions are also said to lower blood pressure and improve breathing.

There are ways for a person to increase these ions in their lives. Companies have created ionizers, clothing, and concentrates for people to increase their exposure to these helpful ions. Himalayan salt lamps also produce negative ions.  Of course, they exist in abundance out in nature.

They can be found near waterfalls, rivers, oceans, and deep forests. Mountain ranges, sunlight, and after a thunderstorm contain these beneficial ions.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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