Negative Ions Help With Headaches and Other Issues

Negative Ions
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Negative Ions

Researchers have been studying the positive effects of negative ions for many years. These studies range from pathogen removal, particle removal, to blood oxygenation and pressure on a person’s heart rate. Scientists have even been studying the effects that negative ions have on a person’s sleep, allergies, and headaches. They even have been trying to figure out if they can help with asthma and respiratory disorders.

One study indicates that these ions can decrease a person’s usage of asthma medications. This study was based on 30 people who suffered from bronchial asthma. According to their data, when the patients were exposed to these ions over a 17 month period; they reduced using their asthma medications by roughly 50 percent.

Negative IonsA clinical study shows that when a person is exposed to high doses of negative ions — for at least 30 minutes — their oxygen intakes increase by 20 percent. Other studies indicate that these ions could reduce one’s headaches, nausea, and dizziness.

This study was conducted over a 12 week period. According to their data, participants recorded their headaches had decreased by at least 50 percent. They also reported that they felt more alert due to the usage of negative ions.

Negative ions can be found in nature. They are abundant near waterfalls, oceans, rivers, and dense forests. This could be why many people “feel happy” why they are out hiking or walking along a beach. These ions are believed to increase a person’s serotonin level. This increase can alleviate stress, depression, and boost a person’s daytime energy.

They can also be found when a person burns a beeswax candle or a fire in their fireplace. Negative ions are also found in common household plants, Himalayan salt lamps, concentrates, and generators. Some stones have been known to release negative ions. Such as Tourmaline and amethyst.

They are also believed to assist a person’s system as they exercise. Such as their body temperature, physiological responses, and heart rate. It is extremely easy for one to increase these ions in their lives.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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