NFL HBCU Combine Recap

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Scouts were present in New Orleans earlier this week due to the NFL HBCU combine. All 32 NFL teams seek that key piece to help push them to the next level. The Kansas City Chiefs drafted Fayetteville State CB (cornerback) Joshua Williams in the fourth round of the 2022 NFL draft. Williams had made contributions on the defensive end all year and caught a crucial interception in the AFC championship game. The Kansas City Chiefs became the 2022-23 NFL champions and overcame the odds due to their defensive might. The HBCU combine could lead to a team receiving the next player contributing to their success. 

40-Yard Dash Standout

 The HBCU combine is no different from the NFL combine, just on a smaller level. Players participated in on-field drills and timed events to showcase their athletic ability to the NFL world. Four Florida A&M players were present, and they were not going unnoticed. All-American wide receiver Xavier Smith is one standout who caught many coaches’ eyes. Smith had clocked in between 4.38 and 4.39 during the 40-yard dash, which was less than .20 seconds under the fastest one ran ever. “I’ve shown that I can run, have the route-running ability, and can play this game at a high level,” Smith stated in an interview on the NFL Network. Xavier Smith finished his senior year with 87 receptions for over 1,000 yards with eleven touchdowns displaying his incredible speed and route running ability.

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Legacy of HBCUs

The HBCU Legacy bowl is a postseason all-star game where the best draftable HBCU players are placed against each other. Xavier Smith was chosen to participate in the Legacy Bowl alongside his former teammates running back AJ Davis, kicker Jose Romo-Martinez, and punter Chris Faddoul.

The bowl will provide invaluable exposure and opportunity for HBCU students. Historic names come from HBCUs, like Jerry Rice, the all-time leader in career receptions, receiving yards, and career touchdowns. The only man to ever win a Super Bowl and an Olympic gold medal is Bob Hayes.

Then other great names like Doug Williams, Michael Strahan, Walter Payton, and countless others. HBCUs have created some of the NFL’s best, and hopefully, this trend will continue to transpire.

Fans can tune into the HBCU Legacy Bowl broadcast on the NFL Network on February 23 and 24.

Written By: Willie Hurt


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