Nick Cannon Gets Released From ViacomCBS Due to Hateful Speech

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On June 30th, 2020 Professor Griff who was a rapper that was a part of the group called Public Enemy but was later released by them because of making bad remarks that were anti-Semitic was interview by Nick Cannon The host of the show. On this specific episode of this Television Show “Cannons Class,” Nick had said Black people were the real and true Hebrews and also talked about how conspiracy theories involving the Rothschild household. In Nicks’s words, he said “It never hates speech, you can’t be anti-Semitic when we are the Semitic people when we are the same people who they want to be. That’s our birthright. We are the true Hebrews.” Many people were not very happy with the statement Nick had made that night. A day or two later Viacom CBS announced that they were no going to work with Nick Cannon and their relationship with him was officially terminated after they heard some of the statements he said. Nick had a relationship with Viacom since he was an actor on Nickelodeon in the ’90s, and into the 2000s and many other well-known shows like “Wild ‘N Out.” More recently, he’s been known as the host of “The Masked Singer” on Fox and hosted “America’s Got Talent” NBC from 2009-2016. The Company also said in their words that “Viacom CBS condemns bigotry of any kind and we categorically denounce all forms of anti-Semitism. We have spoken with Nick Cannon about an episode of his podcast ‘Cannon’s Class’ on YouTube, which promoted hateful speech and spread anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. While we support ongoing education and dialogue in the fight against bigotry, we are deeply troubled that Nick has failed to acknowledge or apologize for perpetuating anti-Semitism, and we are terminating our relationship with him. We are committed to doing better in our response to incidents of anti-Semitism, racism, and bigotry.”

Viacom CBS Inc. is an American diversified multinational mass media conglomerate formed through the merger of CBS Corporation and the second incarnation of Viacom in 2019, which was split from the original incarnation of Viacom in 2005. When the company came out with their statement the whole world was just shocked and surprised us fans because Nick and this company Viacom has been working together for many years and no one really expected his company to come out and terminate him. The company’s main assets include the Paramount Pictures film and television studio. After Viacom CBS came out with their statement on Monday Nick Cannon came out on Twitter and said that “Anyone who knows me knows that I have no hate in my heart nor malice intentions. I do not condone hate speech nor the spread of hateful rhetoric. We are living in a time when it is more important than ever to promote unity and understanding. and I hold myself accountable for this moment and take full responsibility… Black and Jewish communities have both faced enormous hatred, oppression persecution, and prejudice for thousands of years and in many ways have and will continue to work together to overcome these obstacles. My intentions are only to show that as a beautiful human species we have way more commonalities than differences, So let’s embrace those as well as each other. We All Family.” The only thing Nick was not happy about was the way they let him go and Nick had something to say about that. ” I am deeply saddened that instead of heading toward reconciliation that the powers that be misused an important moment for us to all grow closer together and learn from one another”.

Written By Charles Lott

Edited by Sheena Robertson


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