Nicolás Maduro Is a Puppet of Misery, Drugs and Corruption



At the start of this week, and after the polemic elections of the National Constituent Assembly (NCA, also known as ANC) on Sunday, July 30, 2017, Venezuela began to show a different face of hopelessness and sadness with the same headmaster in front; Nicolás Maduro.

The President of Venezuela inflicted the most dramatic blow that a ”democracy” could take, as the announcement of the victory of the NCA took place. Furthermore, he showed a clear domination of all his subordinates. This is basically every person who works for the state. The manipulation and protection of the results shown by the National Electoral Council (NEC, also known as CNE) were Maduro’s latest strike.

On the other hand, is this person really that powerful? Does Maduro actually dominate all of his employees, which are mostly part of the nation’s army, to the point that he is invulnerable? Is he untouchable by the international community?

Eva Golinger, an American attorney who served as an adviser to former President Chavez and has known Maduro for years, told NBC news:

Maduro didn’t really have the preparation for that level of leadership when he was elected.

A person does not have to be from Venezuela to see that Maduro was not capable of taking the charge back in 2013, this can be verified with a little research. The answers to all the questions listed above is a resounding no.

Influence From Cuba

MaduroIn 1999, the Palace of Miraflores became the residence of Hugo Chávez after he became president. From the beginning, Cuba and its well-known infamous dictator Fidel Castro, have been known for the tremendous influence in all the decisions made by the government of Venezuela. This includes but is not limited to political campaigns; the takeover of all the national power, such as the Supreme Tribunal of Justice; establishing the monthly box of food program; and the establishment of the NCA.

All of the steps taken by Maduro appear dangerously similar to those that took place in Cuba. It seems obvious that the former Cuban dictator wanted Venezuela to be the same as his beloved Cuba. What was his agenda? The answer is even more dramatic than the actual situation in Maduro’s Badlands. Castro wanted to spread communism.

Maduro, who is also labeled as “a dictator” by Donald Trump’s U.S. National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster, is no more than a puppet. Simply put, he is easy to manipulate and acts as he is told.

Is he only receiving orders from his close board in Venezuela that acts on Cuba orders? The answer is scary — no.

The origin of communism is not clear for most people because there is little documentation of its history. When asked about the countries associated with ideology, the majority of people will point to the East, primarily Russia and China.

A Dangerous Criminal Doll


Since Maduro is evidently being manipulated by powerhouses in a political way, it is important to remember the following. Typically, a puppet usually has only one puppeteer. This is because the last one feels that the doll belongs to him. People can tell this is not the case with Maduro because there are many parties participating in this scenario. In this case, one could ask, who else joins the manipulation? Well, the answer is unclear and simply stated it is the others.

Generally, political methods in any country have potential obstacles such as humanitarians, economics, etc. However, Maduro bypasses these overwatch agencies is to ignore them and run Venezuela with illegal methods.

His Way Out

Maduro, with as many obstacles of late, such the international pressure. He also has a nice way to avoid them; the cartel.

There is a huge cartel that deals with drugs, human trafficking, and many other illegal activities. It operates throughout Venezuela.

It is visible through their association with the Maduro family. The dictator’s nephews were apprehended in November 2015 and charged with conspiring to transport more than 1,700 pounds of cocaine to the United States.

Therefore, Maduro and his thugs will still have the cartel money to support the government for quite a long time in the event of a national default instigated by international blocks. This represents a disaster for democracy within the entire region. The policies of Maduro and his cronies could spread to other countries. Furthermore, his style of government will be a constant threat to the U.S. and human rights throughout the world.

Written by Gian Torres
Edited by Cathy Milne


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