Nino Vitale Urges Citizens to Stop Getting Tested for Coronavirus

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GOP State Lawmaker, Nino Vitale, demands the end of coronavirus testing from citizens. While addressing his concerns, the GOP rep. questions, “Aren’t you tired of living in a dictatorship yet?”

Vitale claims that “Testing for COVID gave the government an excuse to claim something is not happening at the magnitude they say it is happening.” With the country slowly reopening, the state representative for Ohio goes against mainstream propaganda. Ohio is one of the states that has reportedly seen a “spike” in coronavirus cases.

“Have you noticed they never talk about deaths anymore, just cases?” Vitale states. “And they never talk about recoveries. They just keep adding to numbers they have been feeding us from over 3 months ago!”

Vitale has confronted the controversy with the manipulation going on by government officials. There has been a lot of action to limit the further spread of the virus but some say that our freedom is being taken away in the process.

“Where has our independence gone? And most people seem to be just fine with putting on a mask when there is overwhelming scientific evidence showing masks actually do harm. But of course, most people wouldn’t know it because the media and politicians constantly propagandize people into wearing them with NO SCIENTIFIC backing, and the many studies that exist that show, by actual research, that masks can be harmful, are banned, blocked and shamed.”

By Trevell HIll

Edited by Sheena Robertson


Cincinnati Enquirer: ‘STOP GETTING TESTED!’ Ohio lawmaker encourages residents to stop best practice in fighting COVID-19

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