Obamacare Needs Repair Not Repeal [Video]



Seriously folks, when something is not working but can be repaired why try to reinvent the wheel? Repubs and Dems alike heed this counsel: Do not throw Obamacare away, fix it instead!

By now, anyone who cares knows that there are problems with Obamacare. The ACA was never intended as the end-all-be-all solution to the horrible healthcare disparity in the United States.

Insurance companies are hoping for Obamacare to be repealed. Know why? So they can continue to rape the American consumer with unreasonable rates and expectations. That is exactly why.

For those lucky enough to have medical coverage there is a delicate balancing act. With donut holes, maximum levels of costs, and rising prescription costs, they must pick what is most important. Do they have the surgery that is needed? Can they afford the copays and post surgical medications?

In a country as fine as America, no one should have to carefully evaluate whether or not they can afford to pay for a medical procedure. Supposedly, insurance companies are there to help.

Well, that was the intent of Obamacare when it was first established. It certainly has its problems, but the ACA is a viable solution. Of course, politicians must see fit to look past their noses and nasty hatred of anything related to Barack Obama and his accomplishments for the United States.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., contends the country already has a plan that works — Medicare. While it is a viable solution, it does not work as well as it could. Much like Obamacare, Medicare is dependent on free market insurance companies.

Perhaps the solution can be found in setting standards for the monstrously hideous companies that control the insurance industry. While not truly advocating for more government, that is exactly what American’s need. Obamacare was intended to do just that — offer medical care to those who could not afford coverage.

But it is not only the insurance companies that are responsible for Obamacare’s failings. Repubs have their share of the blame, as well as pharmaceutical companies, unscrupulous physicians, and graft.

Dems too, shoulder blame. They allowed Obamacare to fall into ruins without evaluating what went wrong and seeking viable solutions for repairing the problems.

So, Americans are suffering the insidious reports from Congress and the incessant bickering between the parties. While that is nothing new, they seemingly, flat out, refuse to see the big picture.

Then, there is President Donald Trump and his hateful, narrow-minded and threatening tweets. These do nothing to find a solution for fixing Obamacare.

Instead, his Twitter activity does two things:

  • For one, it bitterly divides Americans and their representatives in Congress;
  • Secondly, Trump’s outbursts demean the presidency and demonstrate to the world the chaos in the United States.

Here is the solution. Quit hating Obamacare. Call it the ACA. Work across the aisle and fix the problem. Choose compassion over bigotry. Dig deep down and find that spark of humanity inside the soul and fix the ACA. Period!

Opinion by Cathy Milne

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Tuomas Puikkonen’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License


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