Post-Holiday Shopping Is Big Business

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While many people think of the holidays and the days leading up to them as being the best in terms of shopping, it seems that there is another period of time that may just trump those sales. Black Friday and Cyber Monday might be considered the best time to get deals and steals on the products people want, it turns out that some of the best deals are showing up after the holidays instead.

According to NBC News, the real business comes in the post-holiday shopping, as a recent study indicated that about 68 percent of consumers will actually be doing most of their purchasing after Christmas to take advantage of everything from the sales and promotions that are expected to the gift cards that they received for the holidays.

However, just because it may seem like a good deal, it is important to point out that it is important to do research even with those post-holiday sales. With how many people are expected to take advantage of post-holiday shopping, it makes sense to do price comparisons, even on things that claim to be on sale.

Considering post-holiday shopping is such big business for many companies, there are a lot of tips and tricks to finding the best deals for shoppers and deal lover alike. It is also important to note return policies for the stores one is shopping at, since they can actually be quite strict once the holidays are over.

One tip for getting the best deals during the post-holiday shopping rush is to actually shop ahead. This is the time to stock up on things you will either use throughout the year or at the very least next year. Everything from tissue paper to wrapping paper are going to be on sale, and this is the time to stock up (especially when the discount gets up over 50 percent).

Another tip to help stretch a dollar is to take advantage of in-season sales. This is the time when stores like Victoria’s Secret and other name brands are doing their annual clearance events. These are major shopping events for many fans of these brands and can help to save quite a bit of money when it comes to post-holiday shopping trips. The fact that these same items can then be used all year long helps to make them excellent deals worth taking advantage of.

It is important to remember stores like Target and Walmart will also be offering excellent deals on their holiday merchandise. After Christmas Target started with up to 70 percent off Christmas goodies, which is definitely a worthy deal. Remember that some of the things in holiday packaging are perfectly good any time of the year. This means shopping for things like coffee, tea, and sweets, which might be in holiday wrapping, but are ready for consumption now.

Post-holiday shopping might be big business for retailers, but it is also big business for consumers. It is just a matter of doing the homework and finding the right deals.

*This article was originally published on The Guardian Liberty Voice

Written by Kimberley Spinney


NBC News – Tips to make the best of post-holiday shopping

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