President Trump Tweets There Is No Collusion and Claims It Is Not a Crime

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President Trump’s Twitter feed is filled with untruths and contradictions. On the last day of July 2018, 20 months into his unique presidency, he added a post that has people asking what does that even mean? In his tweet, he dragged out current and old-ish gripes, then continued to spew anger against Democrats.

If there was no collusion why does he feel the need to assert the act is not a crime?

When Trump trots out “wicked Hillary” in his posts and suggests she should be the one Mueller investigates, it seems as though he is feeling particularly vulnerable. Furthermore, what tweet would be complete without some kind of dig directed at the Democrats? His more impressive accusations against liberal leftists come in the form of passive-aggressive language.

Most people, many Republicans included, believe there was Russian interference during the 2016 election cycle. Questions lurk in the back of one’s mind. Why does the president continue to insist he is innocent and then take the time to proclaim the act of collusion is not criminal? Why does he need to defend himself if he is not guilty?

Trump’s actions and claims bring back the memory of former-President Richard Nixon exclaiming,

I’m not a crook!

There has been much discussion about Rudy Giuliani’s pronouncement that collusion is not a crime. Trump’s lawyers all seem to be in agreement. Moreover, they strongly assert the president’s innocence and contend the Robert Mueller will come to the same conclusion.

Fox News also claims Trump is being unfairly accused and repeatedly say so on their news broadcasts. The program hosts act as though Mueller’s investigation is a slap in the face to themselves, American Trump-supporters, and the president. They cast aspersions on anyone who disagrees with them.

Yet if a Democrat was queried, he would respond with several points. First, he would be to remind anyone listening that Trump only won the electoral college, not the popular vote. He would explain why the president is, in fact, guilty of collusion.

This liberal person would drone on and on about Trump’s inconsistencies, his apparent dementia, his treasonous behavior, and how much he admires dictators and oligarchs. Last but not least, whoever is listening to this rant would be encouraged to sign a petition to begin impeachment hearings against the man.

The truth is America is compromised, she finds her citizens at odds against one another about yet another president. Lady Liberty must be quaking in her sandals. There is so much hatred between the parties and each tries to outdo one another with their emails indicating every event, action, or statement by the other party will bring on major catastrophes.

When former-President Barack Obama was in office Democrats loved him and believed he could do no wrong. Whereas, Republicans hated everything about him.

The right conservatives continue to claim his birth certificate is fake, that he cozied up to the leaders in Cuba, and he enjoyed wearing traditional garb while visiting his so-called homeland; Kenya. They adamantly stated Obama was not a U.S. citizen and had no right to hold the office of the president.

At Standford University School of Law, Nathaniel Persily refers to a “relevant statute is the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002.” He explains why collusion may be a criminal act:

A foreign national spending money to influence a federal election can be a crime and if a U.S. citizen coordinates, conspires or assists in that spending, then it could be a crime.

Paul Rosenzweig the former deputy assistant secretary for policy at the Department of Homeland Security wants Mueller, his legal team, and the press to quit using collusion instead of simply saying what the then-candidate, his son, and other cronies did was criminal.

Even if collusion is not illegal, it should be when the accused invites Russia, this country’s greatest nemesis, to influence the outcome of the elections in the United States. Giving any foreign entity power by not keeping them in check is reckless and unconscionable.

Opinion by Cathy Milne


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