Protestors Storm the Capitol

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A very scary situation is happening at Capitol Hill today. Protestors gathered around the Capitol as Congress convened to announce their decision on the electoral votes. Senators were originally safe behind closed doors on Jan. 6, 2021, as they gathered to debate the electoral votes.

President Donald Trump has not been helpful in keeping his supporters calm during their protest. Some would even go as far as to say the President has even incited some of the actions of the protestors.

Senator Ted Cruz’s original tweets did not help keep the protestors at bay. He is also being attributed to increasing the protestor’s rage.

Protestors Storm the Capitol

CBS is reporting that tear gas has been used. It was originally believed authorities were the ones who triggered the tear gas. Now it is believed that protestors are the ones who released the tear gas.

ProtestorsWashington D.C.’s mayor has called in around 200 additional National Guard and military personnel to help stop the rioters. At this time it has been stated there have been shots fired inside of the Capitol. It has been confirmed that officers are the ones who have fired the shots. At this time it is unclear if it was Metro police or if the shots came from Capitol police.

One TV station records protestors entering the Capitol. Once inside they began to raid desks and jacket pockets. Some people are seen taking pictures of papers sitting on desks.

Numerous people have taken to Twitter to ask protestors to stand down. One such person is Mark R. Levin, who tweeted:

Anyone breaching the Capitol Building should immediately stand down. We don’t know who these people are. That will have to be determined. People came to protest peacefully. And that is their constitutional right. But we condemn and must condemn anyone who acts flawlessly, period.

Protestors Broke Through Barriers and Climb Walls

Officers are wearing full riot gear as they attempt to end the violence. Representative Kevin McCarthy has stated, “This is not who we are. This has got to stop. This is unacceptable… People are getting hurt.” He further stated he has asked President Trump to physically address the Nation asking for the violence to stop.

McCarthy has stated that Trump has tweeted requesting for “People to remain peaceful.” However, McCarthy believes that Trump needs to try harder. “I was very clear that he (Trump) needs to stop this.”

One woman has been reported to be critically injured by shots fired.

This situation is ongoing.

Written by Sheena Robertson

CBS: Live Special Report

Featured Image by Panoramio Courtesy of Wikimedia – Creative Commons License


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