Proviso West Annual Basketball Tournament

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Courtesy of Willie Hurt

Chicago’s 2022 basketball season is no different from any other year, as Proviso West hosts its 61st Annual Holiday Invitational. This event features 16 of Chicago’s most competitive teams to provide great entertainment for fans. The Proviso West Annual Basketball Tournament begins the day after Christmas.

It lasts four days, guaranteeing three games for each team, and ends in a consolation champion and overall champion. Despite the harsh weather conditions, the community still finds a way to make it to these games. The Proviso West Annual Basketball Tournament displays vivid emotion between players as they put all their effort to win. It also includes two top-ten-ranked teams in Illinois including Whitney M. Young Magnet High School and Kenwood Academy High School.

Whitney Young(#4) and Kenwood(#2)

These two teams faced off multiple times last year including the city and state playoffs and have been a steaming rivalry.  Kenwood faced them earlier in the season opener winning by only two points. Both teams are undefeated in the tournament and look forward to meeting later in the bracket. This event provides an opportunity for many youth to get their names out there as they can play in front of a large community.  Proviso West also had concessions outside the game with food and drinks to enjoy while watching the action.

The games show great passion, pride, determination, and grit as every team is looking to come out as the top dog.  These teams include multiple kids with offers from colleges across the country looking for young talent to help benefit their program. The Proviso West Annual Basketball Tournament is a joyous event as it brings the community together to support the youth. It allows the vicious competitiveness that lives in Chicago basketball to be openly displayed and makes the event more enjoyable for everyone.

Written by Willie Hurt


Proviso West Holiday Tournament: Held12/27/22

Image Courtesy of Willie Hurt


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