Python Reacts Accordingly as Ranger Gets Too Close for Comfort

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During a photography shoot with a wild python and nearby locals, a forest rescuer was nearly strangled.

The incident was the result of Sanjay Dutta, the ranger, receiving a call about a snake eating the village goats in Jalpaiguri, India. The man was successful in catching the snake, along with his colleagues, but took a different course of action than normal. Instead of painlessly transporting the snake to a safe containment area for departure back into the forest, others grouped around for a chance to be in the ranger’s photo.

At an event such as this, it is always wise to keep one’s distance from a wild animal, whether or not it might be used to humans. The ranger’s actions were, in any case, dangerous and contrary to animal handling protocol.

The ranger draped the python, a snake known for squeezing its prey for consumption, around the back of his neck as he called the locals to grab hold of its tail and gather around for the picture. Although Dutta kept a firm grip behind the serpents head, preventing it from lunging at anyone, it had enough muscle power to squeeze the middle of its body around the ranger’s neck and swing its tail out of the local’s grip.

Luckily neither the snake nor locals were harmed during the incident and the snake was quickly released back into the Baikanthapur forest.

For the safety and happiness of families and citizens, it is important to never engage a wild animal. Although most seem complacent in nature, they will act on instinct if cornered or aggravated. It is also important that when encountering a wild animal in a local residence to contact professionals. Those that trained and have the previous experience of safely and humanely displacing an animal back into its habitat will be able to prevent panic and harm from spreading among others.

Written by Brielle R. Buford
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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Top and Featured Image Courtesy of Ozzy Delaney’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License


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