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On April 6, 2018, Real MMA XVII hosted a fighting event from Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall presented by Lisa King, aka The Black Widow, streamed live to Facebook.

The first Real MMA XVII featured fight was between Morrell Luke. He made his fight debut coming from DXG Gym in Las Vegas, Nevada. Timothy Cuamba represented Wand Fight Team in Las Vegas with one win and one loss. Aside from his efforts in trying to get out of a take down, Luke lost the fight to an arm triangle, 1:19 minutes into the first round.

The second fight featured Anthony Medina from San Jose California, with a record of one win and five losses against Tony Asadourian from Las Vegas who was making his debut. The fight was very slow paced between Medina being intimidated by Asadourian and Asadorian being cautious due to Medina’s reach over him. The fight was won by Asadourian. It went to the judges who gave him the win by unanimous decision after three two-minute rounds.

The third fight of the evening was between Gianni Thomas from Las Vegas, with a record of zero wins and one loss and Adin Fly from Las Vegas making his debut. This was an exciting combat between Thomas and Fly. Thomas placed some well-placed hooks and Fly delivered some amazing kicks to his opponent. To everyone’s surprise, the match was one by Fly. Thomas’ hooks were well-placed, however, being a Muay Thai match, kicks are worth more points than punches.

The evening was followed by nine more amazing fights, with the main Real MMA XVII event fight won by Jake Wilkins against Dominique Edwards by unanimous decision.

Written by Ismael Balleydier
Edited by Jeanette Smith


Real Mixed Martial Arts live video hosted on April 6, 2018.

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Real Mixed Martial Arts Facebook Page




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