Realistic Puppy-Shaped Ice Cream Is Almost Too Cute to Eat [Video]

Ice Cream
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Ice Cream

New life-like ice cream puppies are being made in Taiwan, and Instagram users cannot make up their minds about whether they find dessert delightful or disturbing.

The J. C. Co Art Kitchen, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, has served these special treats for two months. With lifelike eyes and face, the demand for these adorable desserts causes the restaurant to have a hard time meeting the customers’ demands of more puppies.

Each small treat roughly costs $3.50 with larger ones for $5.90, an extremely low price considering many citizens visit travel great distances just to post pictures of them.

Each novelty dessert is made with a special recipe and mold that brings everything together. So-much-so that patrons have to do a double take when served one for the first time.

The process of making the puppy is packing the ice cream into a mold, then freezing the confection at -22F. They use a special recipe that causes “fur” to form on the body once it has solidified.

Once taken out of the freezer, the ice cream is hand painted finishing the puppy. To make the puppies more life-like chocolate sauce is painted on to create large black eyes. From packing to painting the confection takes about five hours before they are ready for consumption.

Reportedly, the frozen treats look and taste good but, when it comes to eating them, customers have mixed emotions. To patrons, its one thing to see a video of the puppy being eaten, but its an entirely different scenario when “it feels like a real dog is looking at you” as your about to take a bite.

“You almost feel sorry for him,” said one customer while in the restaurant. The videos of people eating the puppy were posted on Twitter and users seemed emotionally torn.

After watching someone scoop the confection’s head off, they asked in all caps,

Oh my God, why did you make me watch that?

These puppies are as cute as they are sweet. Patrons can choose between chocolate, milk tea or peanut flavors. The majority of those coming to see the designer confection are glad are pleased to see the scrumptious masterpiece close at hand.

Written by Brielle Buford
Edited by Cathy Milne


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Joanne Wan’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License


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