Russia Begins War Games With China

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The Russian military will hold war games in the east with participants including China a known ally. This year the number of armed forces is significantly less compared to the 300,000 soldiers in 2018, with only 50,000 military personnel taking part this time around.

This reflects the giant struggle that Putin has endured during the war in Ukraine. According to Russia, this massive decrease has nothing to do with the operation that is happening in Ukraine. However, Konrad Muzyka, who is the director of the Rochan military consultancy based in Poland, says that this will be the smallest simulation of warfare in years because of the ongoing confrontation with Ukraine. Although this is considered a relatively small set of war games it is still being watched by regional powers in the area including Japan and South Korea.

Courtesy of Veni (Flickr CC0)

Zvezda, which is a Russian news channel for armed forces, posted a video of Chinese troops delivering armored vehicles through railroads. This is being seen as a point of interest.

Since the invasion of Ukraine, Russia has sustained a very big loss in troops and important equipment in the last six months while only taking up about a fifth of its surrounding territory. Muzyka has spoken about the 50,000 units Russia has claimed will participate saying that is simply not possible. Nearly all of their military is stationed in Ukraine so only about 10 to 15 thousand troops are estimated to be able to take part in the games.

He says that Russia is simply pretending like everything is okay when in reality the exercises they are planning will be very limited. According to the Defense Ministry, the exercises are going to begin on September 1 through the seventh. This will also include military contingents and observers from places like Algeria, Syria, Mongolia, Nicaragua, and Belarus.

Written by Esteban Ruiz
Edited by Sheena Robertson


Reuters: Russia sharply scales back Far East war games with China

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