Shooting Results in Standoff in Salem New Jersey [Update]

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Fugitive in a standoff with police after reports of shots being fired in Salem, New Jersey, says attorney general, on Jan. 23, 2019.

Authorities say an incident in Salem, New Jersey involving active shooter and police has now turned into a standoff.

The shooting now involves a standoff between police and a fugitive the officers were in the process of arresting, said the State Attorney General Gurib Grewel.

Grewal said, there are reports of shots fired, but there are no reports of injuries, and the situation has been contained.shooting

Negotiators with the state police are on the way according to Grewal.

Salem City Police Department used their Facebook page to ask the public to avoid the area of the county offices.

“Please do not come in this surrounding area as currently there is an active shooter incident taking place,” read the post.

At least 10 to 12 people could be seen as they were being escorted out by the police in a single-file line holding hands.

William Lindsey of Camden reports hearing 4 to 5 shots. Being near the scene at the time and he said, ” we just heard shooting, then we saw a whole bunch of cops. ”

An action news crew team located Grant and Griffith could be seen recording the massive police presence in the area according to Grewal.

UPDATE: The suspect was taken into custody without any injuries.

Written by Leon Murray
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


ABC News: Fugitive in standoff with police after shooting reports in Salem, New Jersey, attorney general says

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