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SpaceX Has Some Style


SpaceX’s historic encore began landing astronauts on the space station on Saturday, May 20, 2020. The first astronaut launch resulted in a groundbreaking new style. These astronauts were given brand new sleek spacesuits with a brand new sleek rocketship to match.

The rocketship is often referenced to the Tesla design. The color-coordinating fit is thanks to Elon Musk. Musk the lead designer on the team essentially is the driving force responsible for both the SpaceX and Tesla, she is a big fan of the flash and also science fiction which is incorporated into her style. Astronaut’s Doug Harley and Bob Behnken enjoy the hip new look for science.

It was stated that the two will be riding in style to the launch pad in a Tesla Model X electric car.  SpaceX’s appearance is truly outstanding. The real test now is to display the new style. This will be the first time a private company sends astronauts have been sent into outer space.

The historical even deserves to go up in style, SpaceX did a design and also built its own suits which are custom-tailored to each astronaut. It was stated that the safety of the suits was the top priority while the style was a close second. The mission’s director Benji Reed stated “It’s important that the suites are comfortable and also inspiring.”

The suit’s design is designed to keep the crew safe. Techs will help the astronauts into their one-piece, two-layer pressure suits. Turkey and Behnken will move into the operations and checkout, this was the same building every astronaut has walked through and the same process every astronaut has taken to reach liftoff. NASA’s making a comeback and they are determined to do this with style and grace but most importantly safely.

Russia and the Us have both created new prototypes of spaceships in the last couple of years, which means financially they have put a lot of money into these prototypes. They were able to get a significant price reduction considering parts and mechanics and engineers can be pricey, but there will also be overhead costs and increase to allow SpaceX to operate safely and at complete operational efficiency.

Assuming NASA did not specify a launch cost it will be targeting, and that was unclear whether its new and improved suits and spacecraft will be extremely expensive or extremely less expensive compared to other models. The US SpaceX has been compared to Russia’s prototypes price-wise, style, efficiency, and most importantly safety.

What is clear is that the lower Russia’s prices go, the harder being, Lockheed, and Airbus are already struggling to meet SpaceX’s prices and especially style. The cheaper the equipment results in the value of the spacecraft, safety, and style decreases. In a price war between SpaceX and Roscosmos, the Russian spacecraft, it definitely turns out that everyone — but the American spacecraft or Roscosmos — will end up being the losers in this race against style, safety, and efficiency securing NASA’s comeback.


Written by Nadia Amoah

Edited by Sheena Robertson


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Top and Featured Image Courtesy of Parth jengai”s Flickr Page-Creative Commons



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