Star Wars Fatigue Has Set in for Some Fans Ahead of New Movie’s Release

Star Wars
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Star Wars

The latest movie in the long-running Star Wars franchise is about to hit theaters and while there is plenty of excitement over Star Wars: Episode IX, for some people it seems that fatigue has set in. What this means is that for some people, enough is enough, and it is time to see other science-fiction franchises get their time in the spotlight.

According to a press release about a study done by Apester, more than 34,000 consumers were asked about their thoughts on Star Wars and what they think of the current state of the franchise. It turns out that there are a lot of people who felt that there have been enough movies in this franchise.

In the Apester study it was determined that many people feel a reboot of the franchise is likely to happen (53 percent of respondents believe that there will be a complete reboot), while 46 percent of people who responded to the survey feel that Episode IX will in fact be the end of the story.

Consumers were also asked about which movies in the Star Wars franchise they were fans of, with a large majority preferring the original trilogy over the newer movies. Specifically, 52 percent preferred the older movies, 19 percent loved the new movies, and 29 percent were fans of all of the movies in the franchise.

Even the Star Wars casting was discussed, with participants in the study being asked what they thought of the newer movies’ cast. Approximately 39 percent of people said that they were fans of the current cast, while 28 percent outright said no. Another 32 percent of people did not really have an opinion either way, which makes sense if fatigue has set in around the franchise as a whole.

At this point, Star Wars is everywhere. There are TV shows, movies, merchandise, books, and so much more. With a market that seems to be saturated in Star Wars content, it makes sense that there are people who are ready for it to be over. At the same time, this is a cultural icon, and just as many people love every aspect of this franchise.

With such a long history, both at the box office and in pop culture, Star Wars is not going anywhere. While there may be some lulls in what consumers get every year, it seems that there will always be something happening that is inspired by this ever popular franchise.

Even with some people feeling a sense of fatigue over the Star Wars franchise, there is still too much to love and appreciate for it to ever really fade out of the social conscience. Plus, there are so many people who truly love and enjoy Star Wars and there is nothing wrong with that, which means that even if people are tired of seeing it everywhere, it will never lose its luster for those who have embraced it completely.

*This article was originally published on Guardian Liberty Voice* 

Written by Kimberley Spinney


Apester Study Results on Star Wars Fatigue
Press Release

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