Stevie Eagle E Confirms Collaboration With Norwegian Star Beate Jacobsen

Eagle E

Eagle E

The head of Shlepp Entertainment Stevie Eagle E has confirmed that he will be collaborating on a musical project with Norwegian singing star Beate Jacobsen in 2018. The two met at the G Salvatore Fashion Showcase event in the U.K., and they immediately hit it off.

Eagle E is known for his global collaborations and ground-breaking projects. He is always involved in something a little left of center.

He was able to reach billions through Chinese star Ayi Jihu, who is known as the Chinese Madonna. Eagle E produced, wrote, and performed with Jihu all over the world creating the first true crossover Chinese icon.

Jihu was not the first Asian artist to reach success with Eagle E. He partnered with Doc B to produce the first track by an Asian artist to reach the top of the Western charts with Hong Kong singer/musician Leslie Loh.

Then, Eagle E went on to work with Korean star, Shim Mina. He produced her unique version of the hit son, “Kiss Kiss.” It was also the first Korean music video shot in the West.

Now, he is going in a different direction by working with a Nordic artist. Jacbosen has had great success in Norway. She sings in one of the country’s top bands and she has reached the top of the charts multiple times. Jacobsen was also the runner-up to represent Norway at the Eurovision song contest.

Those who know Eagle E are aware that all of his projects, whether they be musical, film, or public relations, are eclectic and groundbreaking in some way. What brings them all together is he ability to find “the soul” in anything and everything he does. One can only assume that there will be some serious soul in this new collaboration with Jacobsen.

This is what Eagle E had to say:

It was just a natural thing. I heard her sing, I was like wow I need to work with this woman and we started speaking about music and found we had so much in common. I have listened to a lot of Beate Jabobsen’s music now, and I do not think anyone has truly heard this woman sing yet, and if you listen to what’s out there, all you would say is, ‘How is that possible?’ Beate is a true singer-songwriter, she is also a very accomplished musician. Old school but new school too. I was so excited after the event that I asked her to stay one more day and go into the studio with me to see what we could come up with. That was a session I will never forget as she just blew us all away. So, now we are working on something a little special. If you know me, you know it may just change the game.

Eagle E would not say anymore about the project, style, or music involved in the collaboration. He stated that he did not want to spoil the surprise for the world. So, fans will wait with eager anticipation.

If history repeats itself, or fans are looking for Stevie Eagle E to make history with his collaboration with Beate Jacobsen, it is evident fans will be seeing something new and something great.

By Jeanette Smith

Images Courtesy of Shlepp Entertainment – Used With Permission


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