Studies Show That We Could Be in the Process to ‘Dump Trump’

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TrumpAs we move closer to the 2020 elections, studies show that we could be in the process to ‘Dump Trump’. Recent surveys in the electoral states of Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, and Wisconsin show a high disapproval rate of 55 percent against President Donald J. Trump. With a low 45 percent opposing, the results of CNBC and Change Research “States of Play” poll, July 10th -July 12th show presidential candidate Joe Biden taking the national lead of overall approval, by 10 percent.

Most voters were concerned with COVID-19 and the economy the most, rating the U.S. economy and job market negatively, with a high of 61 percent. Among many other topics, was the approval of the second round of stimulus checks to deal with the impact of COVID-19, which ranked the majority of voters (including 68 percent of Republicans) at 81 percent in favor.

With an economy so fragile, its possibilities of crumbling are highly likely. Major companies filing for bankruptcy, investors forced to believe they will see a V-shaped recovery in data. As well as the reopening phase reversing its steps, in hopes to contain the virus.

COVID-19 Response

However, the reliefs to help deal with an impact has no relation to current President Donald Trumps’ overall response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). “…the impact of COVID-19 remains consistent, the poll revealed a 4% increase in the number of voters saying things are getting worse (59%, up from 55% two weeks ago). A 45% plurality in the battleground says things are reopening too quickly, including 60% in Arizona and 62% in Florida.”

Florida noticing a spike in positive COVID-19 cases at the beginning month, resulting in statewide travel restrictions. Demanding travelers from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut to self-quarantine for a total of 14-days at their own expense. Violators being fined up to $500 or 60 days of jail time.

Not to mention the requirement to reopen schools statewide, and Florida seeing high of 31,150 children age 17 under, testing positive. Whilst Arizona parents are asked to sign a ‘COVID-19 waiver’, which releases the right to sue if their child or children contracts the virus. Which is a 34 percent increase from their previous amount of positive cases of 23,170 as of July 16.

A rising number of 303 children hospitalized due to COVID-19, called for a debate over whether children should return to school in the next upcoming weeks. 54 percent believe Presidential candidate Joe Biden would do a much better job than Trump, with handling COVID-19.

The U.S. Economy and Job Market

The United States officially announced being in a recession this past June, after its numbers reported a 5 percent shrink in the economy, amid pandemics first quarter. Labeling it “probably the worst on record for the US economy”. More than 20 million jobs lost during April, bringing the U.S. unemployment rate to 15 percent. Reopening old wounds for some, who survived the recession in 2008; which ranked in a 10 percent unemployment rate.

“Some workers are afraid to return to work, while others can’t because they are caring for family members. On top of that, pandemic government benefits, including expanded unemployment aid, are running out.” The fragile economy could take another hit as we see more COVID-19 cases rise and as well as a spike in unemployment benefits. “…the coronavirus recession will be felt for years to come…”.

The U.S. will need affirmative action in place to face future economical hardships. Although economists believe the nation can rise above circumstances, we still await results of the economies second quarter amid pandemic. As well as further leadership from President Trump.

Written by Doneisha Jackson

Edited by Jakiria Williams


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