Sunbury Diva Phoebe Austin Plans First Official Video

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Rising star, Phoebe Austin, could not have expected the interest surrounding the making of her first official video in Sudbury, Suffolk, U.K.

Even through Austin has long been the talk of her region, recently, things have taken another upward turn for her with her signing to Shlepp Entertainment. She is working with Stevie Eagle E, signaling that her career will take off even more.

She recently won her first musical and artistic award, winning the best newcomer gong at the IAA awards in the U.K. This child prodigy, who writes and sings her own songs at the age of 13, carries the weight of expectation for an entire region in the U.K. who wants to see one of their own rise to the top.

So far, she is not letting anyone down. The reaction to a callout for her first video has broken many records for agents and organizations involved with tens of thousands of impressions and hundreds of children applying to be a part of Phoebe Austin’s debut video “Thinking.”

Global News Inc. was unable to speak to Austin, but they were able to speak with the producer, director, and writer of Austin’s debut video, Stevie Eagle E by phone. He is in Paris working with Soleil NgoNga on her new reality television show, “A Little Ray of Sunshine.”

Stevie Eagle E was asked about what he though about the response to Phoebe Austin’s debut video:

Well, to be honest, it was kind of expected but at the same time exceeded my expectations. We have had to turn down so many kids wishing to take part, this was by far the hardest part, and the response to our callout has been overwhelming from the local community in general. The local community has really gotten involved from radio to TV, press and business, everyone is just coming forward and making this happen. Shooting at the Quay Theatre in Sudbury is key, as it is somewhere everyone knows and a great center for exposing talent in the area. I knew there was love for Phoebe, but this is more than we all expected. She truly is the Sudbury Diva and she is only 13. It is quite amazing!

Can you give us any insight into what the video will be about or what she is going to be doing?

We have had a lot of conversations with Phoebe and her mother, management about this video. Our first idea was very different form what it is going to be now. Simply because of the response from the community, we have had to change the video to reflect the community, it’s talent, and showcase as much of that talent as we can. The track ‘Thinking’ is a love song, but it is a love song from a different angle, and even when I was working on the song in the studio, I found it hard to associate this track with something written by a 13-year-old. It is something (if we listen to it properly) any one from any age can learn from.

What we want to do with this video is to make a kind of mini-musical. Phoebe is very much influenced by musicals like ‘Mama Mia’ and ‘Hairspray’ and the joy they bring along with a powerful message and story. I told her about ‘West Side Story’ and asked her to check it out. We want to bring drama, fun, humor, and music into this video and wrap it up with a great love story at the center. So, it will be a challenge because we are working with kids as well.

When is the release date for the track, and what are your expectations for the single?

We will be releasing the first single on the 26th of November 2018, and our expectations are simple, to announce Phoebe Austin to the world officially and take it from there. We are not looking for instant fame (if that exists). We have a clear plan over the next several years and we want to start well and keep growing with Phoebe Austin. She has been gigging around the country and plying her trade for years. At 13, she is almost a seasoned performer already. So now, we need to expose the Sudbury Diva to the rest of the world and see how she goes down.

As excitement grows in Suffolk for Phoebe Austin’s debut video shoot on the 23 and 24 of August, so does excitement grow in the industry. The buzz for Austin is spreading and the Sudbury Diva may well find herself the pride of not just Sudbury and Suffolk but a whole country.

By Jeanette Smith



Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Shlepp Entertainment – Used With Permission


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