Surviving a Pandemic 2020

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For rising seniors, such primary concerns include prom, graduation, and college. For students living in 2020, however, the concern is whether or not encompassing a celebration with families and friends is still likely to happen. During the past five months, this has been a constant thought of many students. It is now July and teens still have not taken the SAT test; In addition, college emails are stockpiling rapidly. But almost every teen is unsure if they will be able to have the full college experience.

Navigating life during this pandemic has been a learning experience for many people. Though Surviving this pandemic has not been much of a struggle health-wise for many of us, this does not mean others haven’t struggled in different areas. Juggling home life with school work, while also trying to process everything has been a very different process compared to pre-pandemic life.

In the fall, I may be returning to school, though I am not sure how. Like other high schools in Chicago, there is a multitude of students in my school, because of this, the entry on campus will be limited. If Chicago does reopen the school, students might be subjected to temperature checks; following social distancing guidelines; and limiting the hours of going to school. Considering this is senior year, reopening schools with limited guidelines might impact the process of students applying for college. Overall, the uncertainty surrounding this pandemic has been overwhelming. However, surviving this pandemic can be easier with family, than it is if we were alone.

Written B:y Reginae Echols

Edited by Jakiria M. Williams


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