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The Benefit of Boosters

Courtesy of Anthony Quintano (Flickr CC0)

A booster shot is an additional dose, or doses, of a vaccine given after the protection provided by the original shots, has begun to decrease over time. This includes the COVID vaccine. This extra dose is typically given a month or so after the second dose. People with weaker immune systems are more likely to have serious, long-term illnesses. from COVID-19. The upgraded COVID-19 boosters are avoiding the risk that individuals will get sick due to the coronavirus.

Importance for families

Additionally, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention continues to pursue everyone staying up to date with all their COVID vaccines. Meaning all adults and children, 6 months and older, are encouraged to get boosted. For older people those that have other health problems its more important due to the more risks of getting a severe illness. Being up to date with COVID-19 vaccination might mean a different number of doses for kids. It is a very efficient way to protect kids and adults from getting very sick.

Studies shows

Studies have shown that the effectiveness against hospitalization and death from severe COVID-19 has been decreasing slowly over time. Due to the new COVID variants and other occurring cases, the importance of the vaccine and its boosters is controversial yet. Many are contemplating the durability of the effect of the third dose of vaccine against the COVID-19 Omicron variant. Meanwhile, the boosters have become even more important as the extremely contagious Omicron variant continues to cause urge in cases since last winter.

Lastly, boosters help people maintain strong protection from severe coronavirus diseases and many other variants caused by this deadly virus. We should get booster shots to decrease our chances of getting sick.

Written by Kelianexis Rodriguez

KidsHealth: Coronavirus (COVID-19): Booster Shots by Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph, MD


Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Anthony Quintano’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons LicenseĀ 

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