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The following Netflix Originals have been ranked by Streamline for the best shows to watch currently.

“Black Mirror” ranks first place on Netflix for the third time, according to Streamline. The British television series features stand-alone dramas that are suspenseful satirical tales that explore techno-paranoia. According to IMDb it is a modernized version of “The Twilight Zone.” Each story is explored with a unique cast of characters.

“Lovesick” is number two. Season 3 was released on Jan. 1, 2018. “Lovesick” is a British comedy about a man in his 20s. Dylan has been intimate with multiple women looking for true love. Instead of love, he found Chlamydia and must find all the women he has had sex with to let them know about his diagnoses. His friends Luke a Evie travel down memory lane with him.

In at number three, is “The End of the F***ing World.” Season 1 was released on Jan. 5, 2018. This show is about James and Alyssa who are both 17. James is sure he is a psychopath and Alyssa is the cool, moody, new girl at school. The two become friends and Alyssa convinces James to join her on a road trop to find her biological father.

“Easy” comes in at number four. Season 2 was released on Dec. 1, 2017. “Easy” is a comedy that takes place in Chicago. The show explores modern romance, technology, and culture. The show has an impressive cast of characters including Jake Johnson, Hannibal Buress, Orlando Bloom, Emily Ratajkowski, and Dave Franco. According to Streamline, the characters are fun and believable, and the show explores a rare balance of realism.

Number 5 is “Wormwood,” which was released on Dec. 15, 2017. This docudrama explores the death of scientist and CIA employee, Frank Olson. Ruled a suicide, in 1953, Olson fell from the window of his hotel room in New York City. A report in 1975, revealed he was working on a top-secret experiment at the time of his death. The show follows His son Eric, who tries to determine the real circumstances surrounding Olson’s death.

“The Crown” is a number six. Season two was released on Dec. 8, 2017. “The Crown” is based on an award-winning play entitled, “The Audience.” The British drama chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II from 1940 to modern times. This show is appropriate for families to watch together.

Number seven is “Godless,” which was released on Nov. 22, 2017. Frank Griffin and his notorious gang of outlaws want revenge on Roy Goode. He was a protégé who betrayed the brotherhood. Goode seeks refuge in a mining town where he lives with a widower and an outcast.

Season 4 of “Grace and Frankie” was recently released and brought the show to number eight in the Streamline rankings. The show focuses on two women who become best friends after their husbands divorce them for each other. The show started a bit wide, but the plot strengthens with each new season, according to Streamline. Although the writing has become more consistent, the humor is not for all audiences. Lisa Kudrow joined the cast for Season 4.

The second-best Netflix Original Series for 2017, “Lady Dynamite” has been canceled. Streamline reports their disappointment. However, the show did not seem to find an audience. The most recent season of “Lady Dynamite” poked fun of Netflix, referring to it as a dystopian company that wished to rule, and then destroy the world.

All of the shows listed are Netflix Originals and can only be streamed on Netflix.

By Jeanette Smith


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