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The Great American Super Bowl was not born overnight. It took 34 years before the first yards would be gained.

In 1922, the American Professional Football Association changed his name to the National Football League (NFL). Thus began the era of professional football.

The line up that performed the best regular-season record took the championship from 1922 until 1932. During this time, the size of the league varied; between eight and 18 teams.

NFL post-season games were not implemented until 1933. At this point, the league split into two divisions consisting of five teams scheduling the first NFL Championship game.

The first NFL championship game was held in Chicago at Wrigley Field, where the New York Giants battled the Chicago Bears and were defeated 21 to 23.

It took 34 years for the first Super Bowl to take place. In 1960, another professional football league was formed to establish competitive players and fans.

The American Football League’s (AFL) eight teams, quickly gained the interest of fans. and the AFL also signed players to lucrative contracts for their owners had money.

In 1965, the conflict between the NFL and AFL became sour when the New York Giants broke an unofficial agreement between both leagues by signing a player already under contract. Pete Gogalak, with the AFL Buffalo Bills, was still under contract when the Giants signed him.

The leagues agreed, in 1970, to formally merge as a part of the negotiations to settle the matters between them. The interleague championship game played from 1966 to 1969 where the best teams from each league competed.

Lamar Hunt, the owner of Kansas City Chiefs, was credited with suggesting the Super Bowl moniker. Not surprising, Hunt’s Chiefs represented the AFL in 1967, against the Green Bay Packers. The Chiefs lost 35-10.

In 1971, the English numerals were replaced by Roman as the indicators of which Super Bowl game played last.

The champion after winning the Super Bowl gets to claim a sterling silver football on top of a pyramid-like stand and a tilted position. Tiffany and Company handcrafts each Vince Lombardi Trophy and the construction of each award takes about 72 hours to manufacture, with an estimated value of about $25,000.

Original Super Bowl tickets price from $6 to $12. Today the average cost is between $2,500 and $3,000. Still, there are variables such as the matchup as well as the date of purchase. Super Bowl XLIX, between the Patriots and the Seahawks tickets, went for an average of $4,314.

The New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams will face off in Super Bowl LIII. This it the Rams first Super Bowl in 17 years.

New England’s, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, as a group are headed to their ninth Super Bowl.

The big game will take place on February 3, from the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta. And this will be the Falcons new venues first time hosting the Super Bowl.

The latest predictions have the Patriots minus 2.5 against the Rams.

Written by Tray Dingle
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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