The Marriage of Education and Technology

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The world evolves on a daily basis, and new technology continually changes the way people live their lives. One of the ways technology has had an impact on people’s lives is through education. Learning is something that everyone does from a young age, until the day one dies. As technology evolves, so too does education and the way people learn new things.

While the way people learn may not change drastically over time, the technology and tools we use to facilitate that learning will. As Forbes has reported, “education and technology are evolving together.” People want a real return on their investment when it comes to their education, and this means finding a way to better integrate technology into classrooms.

With nearly everything in the world seeming to rely on tech tools, such as computers and smart phones, it is important for educators to integrate these tools into their teaching. It is about finding a way to marry the technology with the education they are trying to impart, in such a way as to make things feel seamless.

Looking at the average college classroom, one sees students purchasing large textbooks that can sometimes be outdated by the time the student sits in front of the professor. While there is no reason to completely eliminate physical books, schools need to do better when it comes to finding the right balance between what they are teaching, how they are teaching it, and the technology that is available to them.

As technology advances, so too must the way education works. Learning at its core is about finding a way to impart knowledge in a dynamic way which allows for interaction. Using technology is the perfect way to bring about a marriage of collaborative interaction and a deeper sense of learning.

Incorporating digital tools is a fundamental way of engaging students so that they are learning in a way they are already familiar with and therefore can quickly acclimate to. By teaching with digital tools and new technology, teachers are then setting up their students to be life long learners, as it teaches them how to adapt to different forms of technology along the way. With technology evolving alongside of education, using digital tools in order to teach students allows for them to build upon their personal technical skills, even as they move out of the classroom and into the workforce.

It is also important to find a way to make one’s educational journey an adaptable process. This means finding methods in which new tools are incorporated into the learning environment at all times. Incorporating digital course materials into any classroom can allow for even more interaction between the students and the knowledge that teachers are trying to impart upon them. Offering a lesson that is interactive can change the way students learn, while also giving them a better understanding of the material at hand.

While technology can be costly, and many schools struggle to find funding for even the most basic resources, it is important to find ways to evolve and adapt with the times. Empowering educators to teach with new and advanced tech resources opens students up to the chance to truly advance their understanding of not only the world around them, but also the world found within the classroom as well.

By Kimberley Spinney


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