‘The Pursuit of Perfection’ Plot

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A lot of people do not know what it takes, or just do not have what it takes to achieve perfection. Or is it just that people do not have the right inspiration pushing them to achieve perfection? Then again, it is all about what inspires people individually. Some people like to be cheered on. Others need tough love.

Andrew, a young drummer, attends the best music school in the country. While practicing, he came across a famous instructor whose tactics show the true definition of tough love. He calls Andrew names, smacks him around, says cruel phrases, and made him practice until his fingers were bloody. This treatment fueled the fire to his drumming passion.

Andrew ended up gathering the courage to ask out a girl and take the first chair of his school band. A lot of people did not agree with his strategy of pushing students to be good enough to advance to the next level, and felt as if he was being too hard on his students.

This film showcased exactly what it takes to make it in this competitive world. Determination. Obstinacy. Dedication. This film sparked my interest because it can relate to people worldwide. This film encourages all to relentlessly pursue perfection. The writer leaves it up to the audience to decide whether the film is inspirational or destructive.

Written By Elise Vaughans


Whiplash (2014 film)

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