Tom Holland Stars in Netflix ‘Devil All The Time’

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Tom Holland stars in the new Netflix thriller “The Devil All the Time,” which was released to select theaters on Sept. 11, 2020, and debuts on Netflix on the 16th. The crime drama is ripe with abuse of power, religion, and sexual fantasy.

“The Devil All The Time” is a gritty story adapted from Dale Ray Pollocks’ novel. The author of the novel is frequently used as the narrator, which adds literary authenticity to Antonio Campos’ film.

HollandIn the movie, while serving in WWII in the Solomon Islands, a U.S. Marine stumbled upon the body of another soldier who just so happen to have been scalped, skinned, and crucified on a cross allegedly by the Japanese. Traumatized by the encounters he experienced during the war, it left Willard Russell with PTSD — portrayed by Holland.

Russell returns home after the war to Creek, Ohio, where he meets the love of his life Charlotte who works at a local diner. The drama emits small-town corruption, along with sexual fantasies with sadistic crime peppered throughout the film.

In September 2018, it was announced that the film was a go for a late 2020 release. After the cast was assembled, Netflix decided to distribute the film through its gigantic streaming service.  Filming started on Feb. 19, 2019, and wrapped up on April 15. The production was done primarily in Alabama.

The film has a 66 percent rating on the Rotten Tomatoes aggregator. Ryan Lattanzio of Indiewire gave the film a C minus called it “colossal misfire, a sweaty mess from start to finish,” although he praised Holland and Pattinson’s performances.

Written by Jasmin Williams
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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