Tyrone Williams Is a Man of Faith

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A man of faith by the name of Tyrone Williams was born on March 9, 1961, at 7:21 a.m. to the parents, Louise and James Williams in Chicago Illinois. Williams is the middle child of three.

During his childhood, he joined his school choir, band, and football team. He received a full-ride, four-year scholarship to Lincoln University in Jefferson City Missouri.

He is married to Yolanda Hill which is his second wife of 20 years. He has a son his name is Syntel Williams.

During his early life in 1981, he was introduced to his great friend saxophonist Darrell Wilson — “The Sax preacher.” Tyrone joined his friend’s contemporary Jazz and R&B band a year later as a pianist. Soon after he became the director of the band.

Many years later his friend Darrell was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, the doctors told him he will not be able to play the saxophone anymore. The sarcoidosis diagnosis influenced the two of them to become ministers after Williams’ friend healed himself using herbs. Williams

Williams gained more faith in God. The pair decided to start The Temple of Mercy Association (T.O.M.A) in 1991, which teaches the oneness of God. He also started an organization called the Original Man In Black (O.M.I.B). This organization patrol the streets and make sure people are safe.

He changed his name to Omari Jahi Aton because as he explained, “When a man grows into an understanding of himself, and his creator, he crosses over and his name must change.”

Through the year Omari has developed skills in graphic design, writing, communication, and has perfected his musical skills. This year 2020 Omari has become a journalist intern at The News School, he has plans to become a giant in the broadcasting and publication arena.


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