US COVID-19 Task Force Claims There Is No Need to Suspend Flights From UK

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As many countries begin adding flight restriction from the United Kingdom officials in the United States feels they are unnecessary. These feelings came to light on Dec. 20, 2020, when Assistant Secretary for Health — Brett Giroir —was interviewed on ABC’s “This Week.” On that same note, U.S. officials have not criticized other countries for closing their doors to flights from the U.K.

According to CNN, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director — Robert Redfield — told Giroir that he is not recommending the U.S. to affix additional travel restrictions. Dr. Anthony Fauci stated that they will be keeping a “close eye” on the situation. However, he says they “don’t want to overreact” either.

USFauci further stated that if the topic arose during their COVID-19 task force meeting — being held on December 21 — he would share his advice with them. This could be due to the lack of information about the new strain of COVID-19 found in the U.K. The lack of information is due to the fact the strain is new.

On December 19, England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty the world about the newly discovered strain. According to Whitty, the new strain “can spread more quickly” and is responsible for 60 percent of new infections in their capital.

Whitty further stated that he did not feel this new strain will be deadlier. Nor does he believe that it will neutralize the effectiveness of the newly approved vaccines.

The U.S. officials have not felt threatened by this new COVID strain. Of course, they are closely monitoring the situation and plan on taking appropriate steps if they become needed.

When Giroir was asked about whether or not he feels the U.S. will ban flights to — and from — the U.K he stated:

I think everything is possible. We just need to put everything on the table, have an open scientific discussion and make a best recommendation.

The fact that the virus is mutating has caused a lot of concern and not just in the U.S. Currently, COVID-19 is very contagious. With this new strain possibly being more contagious many people are starting to feel the pressure.

The pandemic has killed thousands of people worldwide. Now more than ever it is wise to follow all coronavirus guidelines. The only way to protect oneself from the virus is to take precautions, wear a face mask, sanitize surfaces, and to keep hands clean.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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