Volcano Erupts in Guatemala for the Fifth Time This Year [Video]

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Early Monday morning, Nov 19, 2018, Guatemala has fallen tragedy to a natural disaster, again. A volcano erupted leaving people homeless and hot ash clouds in the air. The country declared a red alert and evacuated civilians from about ten different communities. Nearly four thousand people were put in tents and sheltered in a sports stadium, in Escuintla, Guatemala. Volcan de Fuego, which is the name of the country’s volcano, has erupted for the fifth time this year.

David De Leon, who is the spokesman of National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction, says that this time, the volcano was monitored and watched prior to the eruption. Leon also said that the evacuation was called in advance because they saw intensity coming from Fuego on Sunday morning.

There was another eruption earlier this month. However, scientists say that it was not enough to cause damage to the surrounding communities or environment.

The previous volcanic activity took place Oct. 12-13. As the lava and ash spewed, people also heard loud booms. Precautions were taken, about 60 people were evacuated and highways were closed.

A tragic eruption occurred on June 3, 2018. The volcano devastated Guatemala, leaving 200 people dead and about 234 people missing.

Pyroclastic flows were created during the eruption. It consists of extremely hot gas combined with volcanic debris. In the process of this, El Rodeo and San Miguel Los Lotes communities experienced damage.

Fuego is one of the largest volcanoes in Latin America. It stands at 12,250 feet and is known to be as one the regions most active. Scientists say they have no timetable for when Fuego will calm down or become dormant, as it is still extremely active. Guatemalans will continue to shelter and evacuate away from their homes until it is safe to recuperate back to normal.

Written By Parris Winfrey
Edited by Cathy Milne

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