What’s the Problem With Mississippi’s Remaining Water Source?

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What is the problem with Mississippi’s remaining water source? In the capital city, Jackson is having problems with its water source. How did this happen? Let’s dig into it. It’s reported that flooding was the cause of this devastating disaster, which happened last Tuesday. The health department in the city found cloudy water may cause digestive problems.

This brings me to what the citizens have to say about this matter. A restaurant owner, Derek Emerson state “It is very difficult for us to do business in Jackson, Mississippi”. Another person said, “The devil is a lie, baby! He won’t get us today.” Others said, they have seen steady improvements in the system, but sometimes one has to get through hardships to get back to the good times. This is what the citizens of Jackson, Mississippi had to say about their current situation.

Tates Reeves is declaring a state of emergency for Jackson’s system and issued the proclamation. The state is currently hiring contractors for the treatment plan. She also said “In 2020, if your home was flooded there’s a high probability it will happen again. I encourage individuals to take necessary precautions and evacuate, being cautious of the flood. Stay calm yet be aware. They operate the diminished capacity wit

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h backup pumps (in case the main pumps fail) to resolve Jackson, Mississippi’s water source. Karine Jean-Pierre, secretary of the White House said “we are ready to stand and eager to help as soon as we receive an official statement from the state.” The state had not asked FEMA for any assistance to take in drinkable water for their citizens and declined to answer questions regarding the current matter.

Similar to the Mississippi flooding, a summer of extreme weather events occurred in Kentucky. Many people died last month in the eastern parts of the state due to historic floods. Meanwhile, in Montana and Idaho, several roads and bridges were damaged. Also since last month, four deaths were caused by heat spells in the pacific northwest. In fact, 2 years ago, Suzannah Thames’ rental home was filled with infested snake water caused by the flooding in Jackson. Though her house was covered by flood insurance, Thames wanted officials to continue with building another lake near Jackson. To control flooding in the capital area.

What is the state waiting for? Why hasn’t the state made any backup plans? How will Jackson, Mississippi’s citizens survive this horrible disaster? How did it get this bad? When will the government handle Mississippi’s Remaining Water Source? When will Jackson city take accountability for its systemic failures? The citizens are desperately waiting for any response.

Written By Tiffany Fleming


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