WhatsApp Is Changing Messaging History

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For most of Generation Z, keeping in contact with friends and family is a must. Especially now due to quarantine. The WhatsApp is one of the many applications people are using to fulfill this need. Like well known social media platforms Instagram, and Snapchat, the WhatsApp allows you to make calls or send messages to close friends. All this by connecting to your mobile device to data or WiFi.

Now, this platform is trying to help businesses reach each other to help have important meetings and make business deals. In the past, they have made a separate app just for businesses. Allowing them to market their companies through WhatsApp.

Like its competitors-Apple IMessage and Google Messaging-the WhatsApp has billions of users on both their business and messaging applications. Since the WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, alongside Messenger and Instagram, the number of users added daily is at its highest.

However, just because it is owned by Facebook does not mean there is not a competition between the apps. Instagram currently advises people to use Messenger for apps instead of WhatsApp. Some users find the application as sketchy and hard to learn, so they choose to stick to Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook has started talking about linking the two platforms together, but little has happened since. Facebook has confirmed its plans to remedy this, although government pressure has slowed down the process. An example of this is, Instagram having Dark Mode before Facebook. This helped Apple and Google have an advantage.

Written By: Trinity Simmons-Brooks

Edited by Sheena Robertson


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