XI Gains Enormous Amounts of Strength



The communist regime of the People’s Republic of China has defended removing term limits in the country against large-scale criticism on social media outlets. Newsweek reported that critics of the authoritarian system have questioned the massive strength of Chinese President Xi Jinping. They have also have gained concern of the Maoist state’s general political hierarchy.

The Central Committee of the dominant Chinese Communist Party (CCP) lobbied to remove the text that stated that the Chinese president can serve no more than two consecutive terms in Beijing, on Feb. 25, 2018. The far-left wing leader is now able to rule his far-left wing nation indefinitely. The Chinese president has won support across the nation’s society because of his endorsement of anti-corruption measures and his consolidation of the military.

Xi is popular in his home country. However, social media users and activists are critical of his growing influence over the international community’s most populous country and leading economic power. They have compared China to the Kim family in North Korea. The Kim dynasty has controlled North Korea since Kim II Sung founded the smaller communist state in 1948.

Other social media critics referred to him as a dictator, such as the country’s founder Mao Zedong. Like Mao, “Xi has had his take on the country’s official ‘socialism with Chinese characteristics’ ideology immortalized by the state, a testament to his influence.”

The Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lu Kang said in a press conference, on Feb. 26, that the Far Eastern nation’s constitution has been “continuously improved” since it was initially adopted under Mao in 1954.  He then continued to state that he hoped everyone can recognize the voice of all of the Chinese people.

The Global Times is the state’s official newspaper. Newsweek reported that the propagandist’s outlet also published an op-ed that claimed the amendment will improve the leadership of the CCP.

Chinaworker reported that the Chinese president has the intention to extend his rule after he completes his second term, by 2023, and gain an enormous amount of strength. The National People’s Congress (NPC) will remove the two-term limit for presidents and vice presidents in China, which will allow the regime to hold unlimited power in the country.

The dictator holds a firm stranglehold over his nation by using an anti-corruption purge and a power struggle. By doing so he intimidates his opposing political factions.

At Chinese President Xi’s inauguration at the CCP’s 19th Congress in October, he imposed his own force of political leaders in Beijing. He then demoted or terminated his potential opponents and forcefully placed his viewpoint into the constitution.

The Chinaworker website reported that the tyrant’s latest actions had created a reaction of fear and surprise from the nation’s dissidents and commentators in the international community alike. Xinhua news agencies released the news briefly in a statement on Sunday, Feb. 25.

Xinhua Is the People’s Republic of China’s social media outlet, which is the only political arena for political debate, published posts linking Xi to the Kim Dynasty in North Korea and the old imperial hierarchy in China. Xinhua is limited and coded. The posts were quickly deleted by the state’s censors, as well.

FP reported that China’s new leadership was created five years prior to their ascent to power. They have also continued to remain in power with no political upsets in elections, which is how Xi has gained an enormous amount of strength.

By John A. Federico
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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Featured Image Courtesy of Pedro Szekely’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License


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