About The News School’s Summer Program

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My time in the summer program was a blast; I really did enjoy my time there. I liked how much we learned about Urban Agriculture. I also loved how much we learned how to speak out publicly. I think getting to know one another was a really good move and benefitted every one of us here. Next time, maybe take two groups at a time and get them to talk to each other about what they have learned or their interests outside of their field of work.

However, I think something better we could’ve done is maybe more communication, someone having a bad day you try and see if they are alright, some people here are still minors going to school and might have a lot of stress on their plate. Having someone’s well-being down is a good look for this place and even if they don’t answer or want to it makes them feel valid and considered. Now in terms of snacks.

Can we get more kinds of chip varieties? Like the ones with Ruffles Quest or maybe the hot chips with more Hot Fries. I also would like Mini Muffins; birthday cake and chocolate chips. Maybe add more kinds of Cheese-Its? And for Drinks get the big thing of Little Hugs Fruit Barrels or Hi-C fruit punch.

Written By Gianni Gomez
Edited by Sheena Robertson

Top and Featured Image Courtesy of normanack‘s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License


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