Beate Jacobsen Returns to the Stage at the G Salvatore Fashion Showcase [Video]



Beate Jacobsen is a number one selling Norwegian star, but she has come a long way since “Like a River.” Her journey is described as one of change and awakening, one that almost led to her leaving the industry. Instead she has a new sound and a new- found energy for creating music.

Jacobsen flew to London to perform at the M-Club for the G Salvatore Fashion Showcase. This was her first performance in awhile and she was excited to return to the stage. She said the G Salvatore Fashion Showcase was an invigorating challenge. She decided to make this event her comeback because she trusts Stevie Eagle E and Brandon McConnell. Both of them told her this event would be the perfect platform for her to get into the swing of things again. Jacobsen agreed.

This was the first time Jacobsen had ever performed at the M-Club or any place like it. She thought it would be more intimate and was surprised that the venue was so large. She said it was a fun event and she loved the fashion.

Jacobsen said a lot has changed since she had her number one hits; she is not the little girl with stars in her eyes. She was quite young when Jacobsen had her first hit and suddenly she was everywhere. It was okay for a while, but she expressed that she did not have any guidance. Jacobsen did not know how to handle the extra attention and the demands placed on her. “When you are just a young girl, and everyone is looking at you, it is very scary.”

Jacobsen did not like the direction of the music. She said she was simply doing what she was told and got lost in the process. “In the end, I had to get away from it all and find myself, and then began the journey to find my way back to the music.”

Her journey for self-discovery was not an easy one. It had many low points. Jacobsen said she made many mistakes along the way because of her age and the people that surrounded her. “At points, I left music altogether but music is in my blood, the piano is my lover and in the end, I would always come back to it.”
Jacobsen became a mother and there were times music was far in the background. She truly wondered if she should quit music. She came close to quitting recently when some of her best work was taken from her. It was the last straw. “I lost faith in the business and the people in it, and I really thought it was not for me anymore.”

However, Jacobsen changed her mind.

When you are born to do something; when it is your calling, those around you who see this and know this will not let you quit. People like Barndon McConnell and Stevie Eagle E would not let me. The came along at the right time. I call them my angels and they helped me to see who I am and what I must do. As Stevie puts it to me, ‘Music for you is like a boomerang: You can throw it away, but it will always come back to you.’ He of course was and is right. I am connected to the music so deeply I would just be fooling myself if I though I could walk away from it. I can’t.

For the future, Jacobsen wants to keep growing and improving. She has new projects coming up that may surprise some of her fans. She will be working with Stevie Eagle E on several projects and collaborating with other amazing artists. Jacobsen already has two great albums on the market and she wants to bring her fans back who have been waiting for her. Jacobsen said the future looks exciting and she is looking forward to new things.

I think it’s time to share my music with the world again.

By Jeanette Smith



Images Courtesy of Stevie Eagle E – Used With Permission


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