Marcellina Performs at the G Salvatore Fashion Showcase


MarcellinaStevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment put together an all-star musical lineup for the G Salvatore Fashion Showcase. Starting the show was Hungarian star Marcellina at the M-Club in Birmingham, London.

Marcellina is a European powerhouse commanding the areas of TV and radio. So why was she in Birmingham? She flew in for the event for several reasons. She loves a challenge. The G Salvatore Fashion Showcase musical concept presented by Stevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment was new and fresh. Marcellina loves performing and said, “Any opportunity to perform is always welcome and this was a great opportunity for me to perform with new artists in a new country and do something I had never done before.”

She talked to Stevie Eagle E about her Hungarian charity for the blind, White Knights. He told Marcellina to take her charity to an international level and coming to the U.K. would help Marcellina start to establish international attention for the Charity White Knights.

She loved the M-Club experience, made new friends, and was even able to get some studio time with Beate Jacobsen and Robert Magyar, but she could not say too much about that project.

Marcellina sings and plays the saxophone, but she was asked which she preferred. “I love them both the same as they both allow me to express my feelings and emotions in slightly different ways. I feel I a lucky that I can switch between the two. I love the different responses I get from people when I sing and when I play. So, I have to say I have no favorite.”

The future always holds music for Marcellina. She hopes to be able to doe more in the U.K. especially with her Charity White Knights around the world. Marcellina desires to work with a variety of artists in different styles of music. She is looking forward to future projects with Stevie Eagle E on several things. Marcellina said Stevie Eagle E is “a great thinker and very ambitious with things he wishes to achieve.” She hopes to be able to continue to play and grow for many years.

Written by Jeanette Smith

Image Courtesy of Marcellina and Shlepp Entertainment – Used With Permission


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