Brain Damage Linked to the Coronavirus?

Brain Damage
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Brain Damage

As if the pandemic wasn’t enough, now scientists are saying Covid-19 can lead to brain damage in patients. These neurological complications range from strokes to psychosis. It’s not just happening to a few people either, multiple studies are being conducted. According to Kelly Kelland from Reuter, “At University College London, researches found that 43 patients suffered either a stroke, nerve damage, or other neurological disorders”(Kelland). These reports are disturbing. However, they are essential to understanding how the virus will affect daily life everywhere.

Though Covid-19 largely affects the respiratory system, studies have shown that even after a patient recovers, they can develop neurological complications. The complications can affect their daily lives, including their abilities to work. In order to properly examine just how many people may be experiencing brain damage researches are creating an online tool to examine recovered patients’ brains. The study will use cognitive tests to examine whether the patient’s brain functions have changed in any way. Researches hope to make this an international project as Covid-19 affects everyone around the world.

In fact, Reuter also states that this is a “concerning issue”(Kelland). For this reason, doctors are doing their best to ensure that they understand as much as possible. Unfortunately, the long term effects are unknown. Thus its best to continue staying informed.

Written by Reginae Echols

Edited by Sheena Robertson

Sources: Scientists warn of potential wave of COVID-19 linked brain damage

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