Florida Is the New Covid-19 Focal Point

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Florida’s Coronavirus cases continue to increase at an exponential rate, making it the state with the highest cases in the United States. With the pandemic continuing for a whopping two months, many people become restless. Politicians are among these people. Desperate to reopen the economy along with everything else. The fears of the CDC, are that if states attempt to open prematurely, the second wave of cases maybe even worse than the first.

What does it mean to be the Coronavirus focal point? Well, Florida has a population of 21.5 million people, and one out of 100 is infected. This means that 215,000 people are infected statewide. To put this in perspective, Italy on its worst day gained 6,557 cases on March 21st while Florida gained 11,458 on July 4th.

In other states, the number of cases has started to drop. In Illinois, only 862 cases were reported on July 4th. This is attributed to the beaches remaining closed, restaurants serving takeout or delivery only, and the people who are willing to remain inside and compromise their time with friends or loved ones, to protect others. It is clear that Florida has reopened with motives in mind other than simply the safety of the citizens, and we can only hope that something will change for the better.

Written by Joseph Nelson

Edited by Sheena Robertson


The Washington Post: Florida Invited the Nation to its Reopening – Becomes the New Coronavirus Epicenter


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