Casinos in Las Vegas on the Verge of Re-Closing

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Some experts say that the second wave of coronavirus is coming. Some question who are these experts, and how can their predictions be proven correct. This wave is reportedly affecting the casino industry.

In July, most properties have shut down once again due to governors’ orders. While some businesses are voluntarily shutting down, Vegas casinos are taking action against what the governor believes will prevent “hubs of infection.” Visitation from out of state is being monitored to some degree.

There are concerns that because of the tourist attraction received from mega-casinos, Las Vegas casinos are at great risk of infections. It seems that coronavirus cases have spiked recently.

Gov. Sisolak mandated the wearing of masks in casinos, with the order going into effect on June 26. Other casinos have begun re-closing. According to Governor Steve Sisolak, 49% complied with the face-covering requirements.

“The noncompliance numbers reported by State officials are disappointing and unacceptable,” Gov. Sisolak stated.  He was highly disappointed with the outcome of the reports. “To the businesses who are complying, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of all Nevada. You’re protecting our businesses, our health, our jobs, our economy, and your industry.”

The governor made this statement threatening the closing of businesses that do not follow mandated orders.

By Tre’vell Hill

Edited by Sheena Robertson


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