Ted Cruz Spotted Without a Mask On

Ted Cruz
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A photo of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz showed him aboard an American Airlines flight without a mask on. American Airlines caught wind of the photo and is now investigating the situation. With the ongoing pandemic, American Airlines’ updated policy is for all passengers to wear a mask. Unless they are eating or drinking. By not wearing a mask, Senator Cruz would be putting himself, and many others in danger.

Moreover, a representative from American Airlines reached out to the Senator, to ensure that he understood the company policy. It seems that the photo was taken while he was drinking a cup of coffee. According to Cruz’s spokeswoman, Lauren Aronson, “he only removes his mask when eating or drinking, then puts his mask back on afterward.” If this information is true, it seems that the photo was apart of one big misunderstanding.

Considering that it has been difficult for airlines to enforce the mask policy, this photo could create problems. American Airlines has gone back and forth with their mask policy. And with increasingly difficult passengers, this has become even more stressful. Not to mention that wearing a mask has now become a political debate, though it is solely a health safety matter. With Senator Cruz being a republican politician, this could influence his supporters.

Therefore, American Airlines and public health officials have been doubling down on the importance of wearing a mask. In fact, passenger’s rejection of wearing a mask has become such a large issue, that travelers who refuse can have their ability to book flights suspended. The photo of the can, for this reason, have extremely damaging effects.

As previously stated Cruz’s spokeswoman denied claims that the senator was disobeying the airline’s mask policy. However, another photo of senator Cruz showed him sitting at a gate mask-less. This again is against company policy, as American requires people to wear a mask at the gate also. The penalty for those who don’t comply is denied boarding access.

American Airlines has reinforced its company policy that the safety of all workers and passengers are their top priority. Though this probably will not be the last time the company has to speak on the matter. With previous protests calling masks unconstitutional, and the surge in cases. It is important now more than ever to follow public safety guidelines.

Regardless of Cruz’s intentions, it should be known that it is important to wear a mask at all times unless eating or drinking. Ted Cruz should be held accountable for his actions, just as any other individual would be. American Airlines must also enforce their mask policy more in order to ensure public safety.

Written by Reginae Echols


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Image Courtesy of Matt Johnson’s Flickr Page-Creative Commons License


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