Chicago Gone Mad With Attempted Robbery

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On Early Tuesday morning, there was a car crash on lakeshore drive and an attempted robbery. The victims were two women, ages 21 and 22, with a 22-year male. They were diving northbound in the 2200 block of the Lake Shore Drive when a random car in the front of their car suddenly stopped- causing them to crash at around 1:30 in the morning. The offenders hurried to exit their vehicle and proceed to approach the victim’s car with a gun in hand. They then held the victims at gunpoint and began robbing them. The police stated one of the male offenders showed a handgun at the 22-year-old male victim, while the other offenders proceeded to use a bat to hit the car windshield. The offenders then fled the scene but it didn’t take police long before locating the group on the 2400 block of South Federal Street. The two men and a woman were then arrested with charges that are still pending. The victims from the robbery and the car accident refused to accept any medical treatment from a doctor.

Written by Jordan Fenderson

Edited by Jakiria M. Williams


chicago.cbslocal: 3 In Custody, Suspected Of Causing Crash On Lake Shore Drive To Rob Victims At Gunpoint


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