Amber Heard Abuser May Not Be Johnny Depp

Amber Heard
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Amber Heard

Famous actor Johnny Depp may not be the so-called guilty abuser of Amber Heard. Billionaire Elon Musk is alleged to be the person who gave Amber the cuts and bruises instead.

In the midst of a failing marriage between amber and Depp, back in May 2016, Heard accused Depp of throwing a phone at her like a “ baseball pitcher.” And while Depp states that was not true, he is now suing publishers of The Sun over an article proclaiming him as a wife-beater (,2020). The security of the building said they didn’t notice any of the cuts of bruises when the attack happened.

The head of security said it wasn’t until 2 weeks after Depp left she saw noticeable bruises and injuries on Amber’s head. This was also during the time the only person who visited her at the penthouse was Elon Musk. Also, the head security reported she saw no injuries on Amer when she accused Depp of throwing a phone at her on May 21st.

Musk only visited at late nights while Depp was away filming. Depp is part of a $50 million case on Heard’s abuse story.

The actor is accusing them of having an affair while still in marriage- Musk denies the claim. However, the building security cameras caught images of Musk and Amber ‘cuddling up’, with his arms around her in an elevator while she was only wearing a swimsuit.

Sasha Wess alleged that Depp threw a “magnum of champagne at Heard” and left her a card that read “Happy F*cking Birthday” according to Daily Mail. Depp wanted a divorce after she pulled a prank of her defecating in the bed; which she then alleged is the reason why he viciously threw the phone.

Elon and Amber Heard dated for a year before they broke up late 2017 and got back together in January 2018, only to break up again about another month later. Depp claims Amber was screaming like he was beating on her and the security walked in and he was “20 feet away in the kitchen”, proclaiming she did this to try to frame him for abuse just before security entered.

There was another abuse allegation on November 26, 2015, where Depp was throwing Heard across the room repeatedly and throwing a wine glass at her. She also claimed a heavy glass decanter was thrown at her and that she suffered a contusion to the head cause of it.

Again Depp denies any abuse allegations which have been found credible to the LAPD.

Written by Anay Amoah

Edited by Jakiria M. Williams


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