iPhone Newest Update Entails Innovative Changes

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iPhones’ new iOS 14 updates will bring innovative ways of finding a specific app. At this point, Apple is trying to make significant changes in each update. Recently, they have improved their phone’s security and fixed smaller bug issues such as malfunctioning or freezing. In this new update, Apple will add in new features to the apps they have created to help people use their iPhones more efficiently and easily.

This update will be coming to iPhone users around Fall 2020.

Apples’ goal is to make bigger and better enhancements with each update and attempt to perfect issues they feel are most important.

iOS 14 messages should be improved by allowing users to pin contacts they have high interaction with. Apple will also add the ability for people to respond to just one person in a group in which will not trigger group chats notifications in doing so.
A new home screen look is also coming in the fall. The biggest change out of the updates, however, lies within resizable widgets and moved into the app section

The changes in the size of a widget can show you more or less information for a duration of time; such as weather forecasts ranging from a day to a week. Lastly, we should also see a major change in the way Siri operates.


Written by Anay Amoah

Edited by Jakiria M. Williams


Tech Radar” IOS 14 tips and tricks: how to make the most of Apples latest software”

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