Johnny Depp Denies Allegations From Ex-Wife Amber Heard

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Johnny Depp denies the allegations against him by his ex-wife Amber Heard where is accused of slapping her three times after she mocked his Winona Ryder tattoo. He responded by simply stating: “That is not true, you are mistaken.” Depp made the statement while in the witness box of his lawsuit against News Group Newspapers and its executive editor, Dan Wotton.

Ms. Heard has accused Depp of abuse many times before; a statement in which he still strongly denies. According to Ms. Heard, she was making a joke about his tattoo that reads “Wino Forever.” She alleges he then got angry and slapped her across the face, and when she did nothing, he slapped her again.

Depp claims he has no recollection of any argument over a tattoo of his. When he was accused of slapping Ms. Heard, he stated “That is not correct… it’s untrue. It didn’t happen.” Ms. Heard claims Johnny had a mental breakdown after realizing what he had done, to which Depp kept his same response: “I didn’t hit Ms. Heard.”

Both parties have extremely contradicting recollections of the events that occurred. Ms. Heard has gone as far as to claim the first time she was hit was in 2013. With Johnny and Ms. Heard’s relationship considered as quiet conflicting, the truth is still entangled.

Written by Joseph Nelson

Edited by Jakiria M. Williams


Deadline: Johnny Depp Denies Slapping Amber Heard Three Times After She Mocked His Winona Ryder Tattoo


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