Kaepernick’S Hidden Meaning Behind His Kneel

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Back in 2016, Kaepernick took the initiative to stand up for what he believes in. He took a leadership approach against police brutality and racism as he decided to take a knee during the anthem. Kaepernick has received much controversy for doing by players sports reporters etc.

He made it clear that he was going to make change even if would cost him millions and his NFL career a real selfless act that has gone unappreciated over the years. Some current NFL players such as Drew Brees recently expressed that he doesn’t support that disrespects the flag, veterans who fought, and the country.

He will be now explaining this story from his perspective on Disney platforms such as Walt Disney television, “The Undefeated,” “ESPN,” Hulu, and Pixar. He will be explaining his view on the topic that recently has recently been trending in the words which are equity.

The same thing that Kaepernick was first amongst athletes to make a stand to support this same topic. He has been fighting this battle alone for years now. He is a great representative to speak on this because he gives a perfect split view as an athlete and black man in the U.S.  This will be an enlightening document as “The Last Dance.”

He is now exemplifying what means to be “More than an Athlete” as he has transformed from NFL quarterback to activist. Disney is using Kaepernick. Finally, after these last couple of years, he is getting he deserves even from the Nfl commissioner.

He will be explaining in parts step by step his journey and what he has endured the last couple of years. He also has signed several smaller deals preceding this one to serve the same purpose, although he been relatively quiet publicly.

He is currently working on a memoir by his publishing company. Kaepernick may have just started a movement as other athletes are following in his steps of kneeling during the anthem. The George Floyd sparked many protests around the world and now all races are starting to come together for all equality.

The producer for this new documentary, Jemele  Hill, left “ESPN” in 2018 as she was widely known for hosting Sportcenter in a more influential black culture way. This new sports center received backlash for being too political.

Hill called the president a white supremacist for ordering NFL player Colin Kaepernick to be fired for disrespecting the country as Trump saw it. Also, like Kaepernick, this stance would cost her the job at ESPN. ESPN hopes Kaepernick will be able to provide the voice for black people in America, to make them heard not just listening to what they have to say.

Also, he will elaborate on how it feels to be a black man in America at a time like this where our lives have been of less value to others such as white people that have been going on for far too long. This issue has been a huge problem so long that it is impossible to make up for it now they only fix equality to change it so all lives are valued and given respect going forward in the future.

Written by: Anay Amoah

Edited by Sheena Robertson


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